Kaplin V.G.

A new genus and new species of bristletails of the family Nicoletiidae (Zygentoma) from South China

Number: 390, Pages: 1 - 12

A new genus Allobrinckina gen. n. (type species: A. belousovi sp. n.) is described from Yunnan province (South China). Pretarsus of the new genus with two claws and a slightly convex support oval platform with 5–6 transverse ribs in both sexes. Apical part of glossae divided into two lobes in male and female. Posterior notch of urotergite X in female with 1 + 1 long and robust posterolateral apical bifurcate macrochaetae. Urotergite X of male with lateral pigmented pegs and with two longitudinal rows of simple macrochaetae near the inner parts of pegs areas. Male pedicellus with well-developed finger-shaped apophyses and fovea.

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