Kadyrbekov R.Kh.

New data on the nominative subgenus of the genus Macrosiphoniella Del Guercio, 1911 (Hemiptera: Aphididae) from Palaearctic

Number: 388, Pages: 1 - 15

Two new taxa of aphids from genus Macrosiphoniella Del Guercio, 1911 (Hemiptera: Aphididae, Macrosiphini) are described from Kazakhstan. M. (s. str.) aizhanae Kadyrbekov sp. n. from South Kazakhstan region (West Tien Shan) collected on Pseudolinosyris grimii. This new species is most similar to M. tapuskae (Hottes et Frison, 1931) in the depth of the frontal groove and the large size of the body but differs from latter by shorter siphunculi ratio to the body length, by cauda length, by the proportion of the processus terminalis to the base of the 6th antennal segment. M. (s. str.) scopariae deserticola Kadyrbekov, subsp. n. from sandy deserts of South Kazakhstan inhabits Artemisia (Oligosporus) spp. The new subspecies is basically similar to the M. scopariae scopariae Bozhko, 1959, but differs from nominative subspecies by the absence of antesiphuncular and other sclerites on the abdomen in all seasonal morphs, lighter coloring of the head, antennae and legs in apterous viviparous females. New synonymy is proposed: Macrosiphoniella altaica Ivanovskaja, 1971 = M. longirostrata Holman et Szelegiewicz, 1974, syn. n.; Macrosiphoniella aktashica aktashica (Nevsky, 1928) = M. aktashica hirsuta (Danijarova, 1979), syn. n. Macrosiphoniella khinganica Pashtshenko, 1998, stat. n. is considered as distinct species. A key to light colored Palaearctic species of the subgenus Macrosiphoniella that lack dark sclerites on the abdomen is also provided.

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