Makarov K.V., Sundukov Yu.N., Korepanov M.K.

Review of the genus Odacantha (Coleoptera: Carabidae) of the Russian Far East.

Number: 380, Pages: 8 - 19

Data on the species of the genus Odacantha Paykull, 1790 from Russia are given. Odacantha (Odacantha) puziloi aino Makarov et Sundukov, subsp. n. is described from Kunashir Island. New subspecies distinguished from nominotypical in relatively wide elytra with coarser sculpture and punctation, and the less strongly developed punctation of the prothorax. The first record O. hagai Nemoto, 1989 in Russia is provided. A key to the taxa of the genus Odacantha from the Russian Far East is compiled.

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